Evolution to the Future

Company Overview
We work globally to shape the future
Our Business
From the land, the ocean, the sky… and to the space
We push forward our big projects to the sky, to the space
System Product
Know-how and technology, brightened in all the sceneries
We meet client’s needs of logistics, with global environment in mind
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Our strength lies in our comprehensive services from designing to installation for various industries, with our ability to provide different types of technologies. We strive to keep up with the fast-changing and diverse society, and aim at our contribution to the society in a wide range of industries, empowered by our established technology and initiative.

Our Products

ARG: Anti Rolling Gyro

Rule the Waves

Gyro boat stabiliser

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro Rules the Waves with over three decades of experience creating stable situations for pleasure craft. Not only does that ARG reduce roll at zero speed but at trolling speeds as well.