Aerospace Department

We push forward our big projects to the sky, to the space.

We are expanding our fileds.

The fields of our Aerospace Department range from wings and fuselage of large passenger aircrafts and business jets to domestic rockets.

Our technology and craftsman spirit are reaching higher into the sky, with our dreams on the wings.

H3 Rocket
H3 Rocket

With our accomplishment, our big space projects are going on.

We are committed to nurture specialists in aerospace manufacturing toward the future, and to establish a stable position in the aerospace industry.

Our technology makes dreams of space come true

Outer space is no longer something to dream about. We see it as space to realistically investigate and develop.

We take a role in aerospace manufacturing with our solid technology in order to launch spacecraft with dreams of mankind on the wings, where failure is not an option.

We have obtained JIS Q 9100 quality management system certification so that we meet the severe requirements in the aerospace industry. We comply with the quality assurance standards, which is considered to be global standard, to achieve higher goals.