Company Overview

We work globally to shape the future.

In 1965, we started our business as a small manufacturer to build specialized wooden container boxes and to pack aircraft assemblies according to the standard in order to store and transport them securely.

Since then, over a half century, we have expanded our business to a wide range of industries, including mobility of various kinds, general industrial materials, plants and so on. Today, we, as TOHMEI group companies, conduct research and development through manufacturing to produce aircraft assemblies of different types, composite materials, and mass-production facilities.

TOHMEI Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded in

June 1965

Established in

September 1973


100 milion yen


Akira Ninomiya, President


700 (as of March 2022)

Head office

Shinkatanaike 2-11, Chita-shi, Aichi
Tel: 0562-54-1881
Fax: 0562-56-5873