Logistics Department

We meet client’s needs of logistics, with global environment in mind

Our logistics department, located on Yatomi Pier, Nagoya Port, provides logistics services, which are essential to all the industries, to our clients with global environment in mind.

We are located near Nabeta Pier, of which container terminal handles about one-third of the cargoes in Nagoya Port. This location is suitable to reduce the lead times in logistics.

Our logistic services range from storing, inspecting, picking, and packing imported goods even to assembling imported parts and testing those assemblies to meet new clients’ needs.

Our Services

  • Building special containers and packing
  • Building large containers for aircraft assemblies and packing
  • Producing returnable containers and packing
  • Building reinforced cardboard boxes (HiPLE-ACE) and packing
  • Producing and selling emergency goods made with cardboard

We design and build container boxes made of 3-layered, environmentally friendly cardboard and pack goods in those boxes to export.

We produce wooden containers and reinforced cardboard (HiPLE-ACE) boxes to safely transport and store large and important aircraft and spacecraft assemblies, and also pack various testing machines and precise machines to meet special requirements.

We offer a wide range of services, such as packing general goods to export and inspecting and shipping automobile parts, to meet our clients’ needs.

Import Division

We offer comprehensive services to import goods, from testing and inspection, assembling, inventory control, storing, to transporting.

We store imported goods and also manage inventory. We also inspect, test and assemble imported goods as needed, and transport them to preferred locations.

Production bases of various products, including automobile parts, have been moved overseas. As a result, we import more goods than before, and the needs for inspection and testing are increasing.

In this context, as an aircraft assembly manufacturer, we use our knowledge and experience in quality assurance of the aerospace industry standard to inspect imported goods.

Export and Packing Division

Our Export and Packing Division uses 3-layered reinforced cardboard, HiPLE-ACE, to build container boxes, with environmental protection in mind. As it is 100% recyclable, HiPLE-ACE is expected to be a substitute packing material for wood.


HiPLE-ACE can be used to pack aircraft assemblies such as flaps, or even to pack mechanical equipment that weighs nearly 1t, for which wooden crate is usually used.

Besides reinforced cardboard, we also deal with wooden crates and steel boxes.

As for wooden crates, we produce large mounting to transport aircraft cargo door, or wooden boxes that meet MIL-STD (United States Military Standard) for Japan Self-Defense Force.